NEWS: Legislation Introduced to Allow Schools, Hospitals, and Senior Centers in Alaska to Serve Donated Fish and Game

JUNEAU-Today, eight legislators in the Alaska House of Representatives introduced HB 179 to allow Alaskans to donate sport- and subsistence-harvested fish and game to nonprofit meal programs, such as those in schools or senior centers. The bill allows schools and senior centers (and other nonprofit meal programs) to serve the fish and game – such as moose, caribou, venison, and salmon – in their meal programs to elders, school children, and other Alaskans. The sponsors believe that schools and senior centers should be legally allowed to have the option of serving Alaskans caribou instead of corn dogs.
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NEWS: The Alaska Independent Democratic Coalition Unites in Opposition to Operating Budget that Harms Kids, Seniors and the Neediest of Alaskans

Juneau – The Alaska House of Representatives passed the Fiscal Year 2016 Budget Thursday night without the support of the Alaska Independent Democratic Coalition. All 13 members voted no because the budget harms seniors and children while protecting corporate interests and unaffordable projects. The Republican budget includes the total elimination of pre-k programs and a significant $32 million cut in funding for K-12 public education. Overall, the budget deficit still remains $3.5 billion. The Alaska Independent Democratic Coalition proposed millions of dollars in spending cuts while supporting efforts to protect education, seniors and kids.
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Rep. Kreiss-Tomkins’ Newsletter: 2015 Legislative Session Spectacular

We have a new legislature, a new governor, and a radically new $47.28 price for Alaska North Slope crude oil. We have a $3.5 billion budget deficit; we have a $55 billion LNG project (give or take $10 billion), one of the world’s largest, subject to the whims of rapidly changing global natural gas markets; and we have a proposal on the table to expand Medicaid for 40,000 Alaskans without health insurance.
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