Rep. Kawasaki’s Juneau Note: Measure Twice, Cut Once, Voice Your Opinion, Water Rights Bill, Arctic Winter Games

Rep. Scott Kawasaki There has been a disturbing lack of rigorous vetting of bills during this legislative session. Since 2008, the legislature shortened the session from 120 to 90 days. When the change first took place I was a strong proponent. However, experience has taught me that 90 days is simply not enough time for the legislature to thoroughly understand bills or get adequate public input. Recently, we’ve seen a concerning trend where bills only receive one committee of referral, reducing the opportunity for public input and resulting in less scrutiny on the effects to Alaskan families.
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Rep. Kawasaki’s Newsletter: New Bills from Rep. Kawasaki

I want to thank everyone who came to my Town Hall Meeting this past weekend. We had a great turnout and it was evident that Fairbanksans have been paying close attention to what’s going on in Juneau. It was also clear that there is frustration because of the lack of action. I share that frustration. I will continue to fight for everyday Alaskans to improve our public education system, ensure Alaskans get their fair share for our resources, and make sure that corporate money doesn’t overpower your voices.
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