February 5th, 2016  
Rep. Guttenberg's Legislative Report

Representative David Guttenberg
David Guttenberg

Interior Fire Chiefs, Fox Spring & Oil/Gas Credits

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

As session progresses and the legislature starts to examine the Governor’s proposed New Sustainable Alaska Plan, I am meeting with individuals and organizations from across the state to chat about what’s important.  With so many proposed cuts, it’s imperative that we take the time to consider the role of government in Alaska in order to prevent a recession.  Simply cutting our way out of the budget deficit is unrealistic and would harm the economy.

This week I met with the Interior Fire Chiefs to talk about what they would like prioritized this year.  Ensuring that fire departments have the necessary tools to carry out their important roles in our communities is just one example of the challenges our state is facing.  I was pleased to meet Ester’s new fire Chief, Tori Clyde, who has been walking the halls of the Capitol advocating for people’s safety.

Rep. Guttenberg with the Fairbanks fire chiefs.
Rep. Guttenberg with the Fairbanks fire chiefs.

Oil Tax Credits

Oil tax credits are a hot topic this session.  The legislature is busy at work dissecting the governor’s proposals.  In his plan he has included HB 247, an oil tax reform bill, which would create more transparency in tax credits. It also focuses the state’s strategic investments with oil companies.

The state needs to re-examine the way we generate revenue from oil, which is a volatile but important entity.  The vitality of Alaska lies in those who work here, not the tax breaks we provide to outside companies whose incomes surpass that of Alaska’s.

Rep. Guttenberg addresses Juneau students at the Capitol.
Rep. Guttenberg addresses Juneau students at the Capitol.

Fox Spring Well

The movement to keep the Fox Spring Well operating is still underway.  Next week the Fairbanks North Star Borough will be examining a resolution which would allow the borough to maintain and operate the well for the public.  Please attend the meeting to voice your opinions.  The more we work together, the stronger our communities will be.

WHERE:   FNSB Administrative Building
WHEN:     February 11, 2016
TIME:       6pm 

[signed] David Guttenberg

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